Introducing: The Heart of Freedom Center

Providing innovative businesses and charitable enterprises with the means to be socially responsible and sustainable. 

About Us

Our Directors

John Cliendinst, commercial mortgage & international banking consultant,  real estate operations and consulting, entrepreneur & art connoisseur.

Michael Connors, international banking consultant, investigative journalist, entrepreneur, proud Coloradoan, lousy fisherman.

Denise Higgins, program designer for non-profits, executive coach, recognized expert at helping individuals become self sufficient and empowered.

Nathan Jones, international banking platform consultant, mortgage consultant, professional musician, entrepreneur and very proud father.  

We Offer

  • Non Profit Organizations--Technical assistance, free office space and partial funding for non-profits dedicated to life, freedom, education & sustainable solutions.
  • Cultural Celebration--Technical assistance and partial funding for art, theater, film, music, writing and others forms of self expression.  
  • Innovative Businesses--Technical assistance, free office space, funds for new technologies in health, agriculture, energy and communications.
  • Peaceful Solutions--We only support organisations and businesses that are dedicated to non violent solutions, that unite people with diverse opinions and seek to bring lasting peace and sustainable prosperity.

Our mission

The cry of the human heart is to live free, be safe and enjoy the fruits of one's labor.  We will establish an innovative sustainable campus, conference center and business incubator on the US East coast.  Once our model is proven we will fund other Heart of Freedom Centers  across the US & abroad.

Contact Us

The Heart of Freedom Center

A Center for Humanitarian Enterprise, Cultural Celebration and Peaceful Solutions

520 E 81st St, Manhattan, New York, New York 10028, United States

(908) 938-1941

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

By appointment only